While the benefits of yoga are well known, There are many reasons why people fail to regularly attend a yoga studio or do not practice in their own homes. However, The Fitness Guru defeats each and everyone of those arguments with personalized services tailored just for you and your ability level.

With options such as one on one fitness training or mobile fitness training we give you the ability to practice this ancient tradition in the comfort of your own home, favorite park, or wherever is most comfortable for you. Since you have a personal trainer with you the entire time we can help you correct your form and posture as well as choose poses that will target specific areas that are important to you.

At The Fitness Guru, our goal is to provide you with accessible and meaningful fitness programs to improve flexibility, overall body tone, and most importantly help you meet or exceed your weight loss goals.

For more information about our yoga and sports training or to request a consultation please call The Fitness Guru in Houston, TX at (832) 858-2222 today!